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Lundi 21 juin 2021
Université Lille 2
Service de la Recherche, de la Valorisation et de l'Information Scientifique (SeRVIS)
42, rue Paul Duez
59000 - Lille - France
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A first-rate scientific centre

For Lille University of Health and Law, research is a key mission. Lille University of Health and Law is associated with the major national research organisations and has world-renowned researchers and laboratories.
Through its scientific strategy and firm research strategy, the University is conducting ambitious structuring operations with national research organisations such as the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), the Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (Inria) and the National Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm).

In the field of health, Lille University of Health and Law has close links with the Pasteur Institute in Lille and has established a special partnership with the Lille Regional University Hospital (CHRU), the leading hospital in Northern Europe.

Our vision - Research for society

Because its diverse expertise, either alone or in conjunction with partners, Lille University of Health and Law wishes to play its part, through its research strategy, in meeting the four societal challenges identified by the European Union:
• Health, demographic change and well-being
• Food safety and bio-economy
• Innovative, inclusive and adaptive societies
• Protecting the freedom and security
of Europe, its citizens and its residents.

To be part of a response to these challenges, Lille University of Health and Law has focused on 2 specific research topics within its four major areas of activity of health, legal and political sciences, management sciences and sports science:
• Early diagnosis and treatment of multifactorial diseases
• Standards, knowledge and regulations.

Research arrangements

• Staff: 1176 lecturers and lecturer-researchers and 1,037 members of staff working in the library, in administration, in social and health care, and as engineers and technicians
• 2 disciplinary interfaces: Law and Finance, Health Law and Policy
• Active participation in 3 competitiveness clusters: Nutrition Health Longevity, Up-tex (innovative textiles), Trade industries
• Different structures:
host research teams and teams associated with large organisations: Inserm departments, CNRS departments. A total of 21 research departments
- 5 themed feder
ative research structures.

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